The following article has heavy spoilers for Last of Us: Part II. You should not read if you have not played the game. You’ve been warned.

Image of the cover of the soundtrack for the game.

There were signs that people weren’t going to like The Last of Us: Part II long before launch.

Most of it centered, correctly, on the character of Abby. However, most of this controversy was for a lot of stupid reasons and not the real reason.

The early controversies centered on…

Man. Do I miss browsing books at the bookstore… Covid ruins a lot.

Much like any other skill, one aspect of learning is to constantly study those who are masters or are becoming masters. And those who are distinctly not masters.

This is equally important to writing.

It isn’t impossible, but it would be considerably more difficult to create a story having never…

Blake Oliver

Blake is from Indiana and holds an M.A. in Literature and Culture. He has a particular interest in speculative fiction. For more:

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